Friday, 10 August 2012

*Generic Title Welcoming Others To This Blog*

  Hello, fellow bloggers! (If anyone's either bothered to read this.) As you may have noticed I'm a tad new to Blogger, so to be quite honest I have almost no clue as to what I'm doing and how to work this.

  Well, let's cut to the chase. I basically made this blog to document events I'm going to be experiencing throughout the course of the next couple of years in... *drumroll*... Art school! Won't that be exciting? Yes/No?... No/No?... Maybe...?

  Of course I'm not expecting many to read this, this is all mostly for me to look back on these soon-to-come memories and say out loud to myself inpublicwhereotherswillscootawayfrommelikehowit'sdoneincartoons, "Wow, art school rocked!" Or, maybe, it won't "rock". Maybe it'll end up being a total nightmare that only paying overly-pricey masseuses to rub away the pain and years of therapy would heal. Either way, I'll still have a little corner on the internet dedicated o those years to come!

  Of course I'll blog other subjects of interest such as this, and that, and don't even get me started on those.

  Perhaps for now, since school is still a month away, I stir up a couple of harmless posts about... Uhm, stuff. I'm not sure what just yet, but oh, mark my words, when I figure this out... I'll... Post. Stuff.

  Sorry about the lack of intelligence, I've been going days without sleep, which I desperately need.
   Don't ask me how I even got accepted into that lovely art school, ask the people who interviewed me, whom I'm certain had a soft spot for me seeing as how the girl kept saying I remind her of her daughter and how the man suddenly got interested in me more when he found out his daughter-in-law and I are of the same ethnicity.

  (Nooo, but in all honesty I got in fair and square and none of that contributed to me being accepted. It would be ridiculous if they'd sent me a letter of acceptance for all of that. Besides, I probably just got lucky! (I kid, again.))

  Not entirely sure how to end this properly, so I'll do what any other person would do. *disappears in a puff of smoke*